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Provo Pest Control Pros provides effective, affordable, pest control and pest extermination services to residential and commercial customers in Provo, UT and surrounding areas.

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Pest control services

Getting rid of pests is just a phone call away! Provo Pest Control Pros is an exterminator that provides pest control services to fight off all those annoying bugs, critters, and rodents. You can rely on our professional services for residential and commercial projects in Provo of Utah County. We work with pests that range from ants to spiders, termites, ticks, rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and can even provide tent fumigation services!

Our knowledgeable and licensed experts are trained so they know how best fit your specific needs into a pest control plan that is tailored by size of your home or building, and the type of pest or bug that needs toe be exterminated. This means there will never again be uncertainty when it comes time get rid of those those pesky critters.

We offer our customers a free estimate for their pest problem and have been providing services to both residential homeowners and larger commercial customers with larger infestations.

We understand that every property owner deserves peace of mind when it comes to dealing with pests or other issues which can cause them great distress and our goal is to make sure that you, the people around you, and your property are safe from annoying bugs, and can live without worry that something is crawling between the cracks.

One of the most common areas we work on are home attics. As a space that is dark, and almost never occupied or cleaned, behind all of that insulation may lie an infestation that could be harming your home. Don't let this happen to your home and let us exterminate those pests!

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Pest treatment for large properties

Commercial exterminator for Provo residents

As your local emergency pest control experts, we have experience working with business and building types—healthcare, restaurants, multi-family housing and infrastructure management to name just a few! Our company provides can guide you in the process and provide detailed information so that all procedures comply with building codes and health and safety laws.

We have a long history of providing top-notch pest control to both small and high end grocery retailers. Our experience with the food industry has taught us what issues attract pests from waste within your establishment, which means we know how to get rid of them safely.

No matter the size or value you need help with - from unique restaurant cafes all way up through convenience stores—our exterminators can get it done right away.

We use a variety of different pest treatments that vary based on the type and severity of your infestation. We'll find out what kind of pest problem there is, whether that be with termites or bed bugs and then use specific treatments against those pests so they never come back.

We offer traditional methods, eco-friendly ones and passive ones. We will evaluate your property to find out the best pest treatment for you that is safe and healthy. We value customer service and delivering a great customer experience. We deliver on what we promise and want to be the reliable pest management solution that everyone in Provo can count on.

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Exterminate rats, bed bugs, and termites

Reliable rodent control services

Pests can be a huge hassle and annoyance for homeowners. When we speak with you to understand what you’re dealing with, we'll need to understand how they’re getting into your property in the first place in order to get them removed. If left alone, these pests can cause terrible property damage. For most residential pest control cases, we commonly deal with the following bugs and rodents and have a lot of experience dealing with them:

Ants nest almost anywhere and can come into your home through each and every opening. When they find food, they send scent signals to each other so that others can follow. Ant colonies build quickly so even a small amount of ant infestation may lead you into an outlandishly large problem if left untreated or under-quarantined for too long.

Termites can devastate your home. They eat through the structural integrity of a structure, leaving holes and cracks, making it weak and vulnerable to other problems such as water damage or freezing weather conditions. The best way you could protect against termite infestation would be by making sure there is no food available such as sugar or paper products near your furniture; this will keep them from coming back soon after first arriving.

Rats and mice are destructive pests who pose a threat to any home. They will eat anything they see and can spread diseases quickly, all while doing a great deal of property destruction in just one night! Trapping rats isn't enough to guarantee long term success against these pests because their population can continue reproducing at an alarming rate and regular maintenance may be needed.

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Common insects and spiders

Pest management for spiders and other bugs

A single spider can quickly grow into an infestation. Spiders often alert us to more nefarious creatures who might want access to your home such as other small bugs considered as prey, or termites, which could turn into further damage into your home, as they chew through your wooden structure. Common spiders we find are: brown recluse, black widow, wolf spider, and hobo.

Bed bugs
Bed bugs are another persistent insect you don’t want in your home. Our bed bug treatment includes a variety of strategies to such as heat treatment, mattress encasements and crack and crevice injection and spot treatments. Bed bugs cannot withstand high temperatures at any stage in development so this method ensures that each pest will be taken care before it has time for growth.

To get rid of cockroaches, the typical method uses a gel bait containing various insecticides lure and effectively kill them. Exterminators sometimes dust chemicals like boric acid or diatomaceous earth over exposed surfaces as an additional weapon to battle cockroaches, which can be toxic (in small quantities) but much less so than roach powder or fluid.

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The most common household pests in Utah

Hobo - a brown spider that if bitten by one, your wound may turn black.
Brown recluse - another spider that can damage surrounding tissues in your body.
Black widow - the most notorious and venomous spider in all of North America!
Wolf spider - a quick but harmless spider that is associated to having its eggs wrapped in silk.

Carpenter ants
This ant is reddish in color and thrives on the damp wood of your home. The piles of sawdust left behind are a clue to call an exterminator for ants since it means they've infested more than one spot throughout your house!

Assassin bugs
The pain of a bee sting is similar to that felt when you are bitten by this bug. If it occurs, an inflamed area around your mouth may be present as well.

A very common household insect that we all dislike. It eats fabric and paper, but some species can fly! You'll find these pests in your house—feeding on anything they come across, from glue to cereal remnants

Do you have a garden full of vegetables and fruit trees? Then, the answer is yes. Aphids are living off your hard work! These pesky insects can ruin crops by leaving their eggs on plants through the Winter, which will hatch when the weather gets warmer again.

Pest control services

Our extermination services include a variety of strategies used for homes and commercial properties of all sizes. Learn more about our services below and contact us when you need assistance.

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Rodent control

Get rid of rats and mice, who can also spread diseases, from invading your home and prevent them from coming back.

Termite control

Understand where termites are entering your home and exterminate them before they cause more damage.

Bed bugs and mosquitoes

Bed bugs and mosquitoes and the like are annoying insects that we can remove and provide treatment for.

Tent fumigation

For large and comprehensive pest infestations, we offer tent fumigation that provides a deeper, but effective pest treatment

Spiders and ticks

We can assess your property and provide effective implementation to kill spiders and remove any nests or colonies.

Fly and wasp removal

Flies, bees, and wasp nest removal is a common occurrence in home pest control that we have plenty of experience in.